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Collaborative Oxford Network for Bipolar Research to Improve Outcomes

    • To develop and deliver a transformative translational bipolar disorder research programme
    • To enlist world-class scientists from other disciplines.  To test the proposal that mood instability is a key construct in bipolar disorder
    • To develop a sustainable network and infrastructure to underpin future research
    • To provide research and training opportunities

These aims and objectives will be delivered through four interlinked research themes: the first three target key phenotypic and pathophysiological aspects of mood instability and bipolar disorder; together they feed into the fourth, therapeutically-focused, theme.


Take part in COMET!

Take part in COMET!

Posted 30/09/2015

Have you been experiencing mood swings? Have you recently engaged in risky behaviour, been so hyper that you got into trouble, had much more energy than usual and/or been so irritable that you started fights? We are investigating mood instability and cognitive function in individuals (over 18 years old) who show symptoms of mood disorders, and also individuals who have never experienced problematic moods. This study involves playing daily ...

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