What is Conbrio?

Collaborative Oxford Network for Bipolar Research to Improve Outcomes


Funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award, and based in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, the goal of CONBRIO is to transform our understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder. In particular, we want to test our hypothesis that chronic mood instability underlies the vulnerability of patients with bipolar disorder to manic and depressive episodes, and that this instability can be targeted with novel drug and psychological approaches. To achieve the goals of CONBRIO, and to be able to tackle the complexities involved, we have brought together leading experts from a range of scientific disciplines, and are applying a range of novel methods.


Interested in getting involved?

CONBRIO runs various studies, with opportunities for healthy volunteers, as well as people with bipolar disorder, or with borderline personality disorder, to get involved. For more information, without commitment, contact conbrio@psych.ox.ac.uk

We regret we are not able to provide any clinical advice. For information about bipolar disorder and its treatments please go to the NICE website.



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